I cater for all dogs, but specialise in larger breeds.


    • BASIC
    • RECALL
    • GAMES

My training is conducted in real-life situations, as I do not believe in classroom learning for dogs!

For nervous dogs or owners, I also do Social Behaviour Walks where you gain cofidence walking with a pack, and learn about dog ettiquete and learnt he do’s and dont’s of dog ownership as well as picking up some hints and tips on any issues you may have.

*Only dogs I have assed can come on these walks

*These are not training sessions.


    • BASIC
    • RECALL
    • GAMES

My training is conducted in real-life situations, as I do not believe in classroom learning for dogs!

For nervous dogs or owners, I also do Social Behaviour Walks where you gain cofidence walking with a pack, and learn about dog ettiquete and learnt he do’s and dont’s of dog ownership as well as picking up some hints and tips on any issues you may have.

*Only dogs I have assed can come on these walks

*These are not training sessions.

Big thank you to Andi

Big thank you to Andi for helping to show us where we had been going wrong! A few simple steps has really made a big difference and we now feel a lot more confident with inviting people into our home!

Leanne Keane


So I contacted Andi regarding my springer dotty. She was a wild disobedient girl who I couldn’t let out of the kitchen. She would bite me constantly playfully but it hurt so much. I couldn’t let her in lounge because she would jump all over the kids also play biting. It was impossible to walk her on the lead and she would run up to everyone and wouldn’t listen to recall.. Firstly we worked on walking on the lead after just one hour dotty was great she really loved to learn and listen. Then we continued with that then worked on in the home because that was where my big problems were. Andi was honestly amazing she was so good at teaching myself how to train my dog because I didn’t have a clue! She was very kind and easy to get along with I felt comfortable and new she really new what she was doing.. she keeps in contact and answers any questions I have even after training has finished. My dog no longer bites me she listens to commands she can even come in the front room with my children and remain calm. Fabulous service I would highly recommend. Thank you!!

Jade kenworthy

K9 handler bootcamp – Buddy

I cannot speak highly enough of K9 bootcamp and trainer Andi. Andi is an absolute gem – not only is she a walking encyclopedia on dog behavior, but she’s also a breeze to get along with.

I initially contacted Andi because my dog would pull so hard on the lead that he was practically walking on his back legs for most of the walk. Additionally, he would also lie down and fixate on other dogs and would whine if my kids walked ahead of him . Walks were really stressful and I knew my anxiety around other dogs wasn’t helping either . Andi’s guidance has been a game-changer for both my dog and me. Her expertise not only helped my dog gain confidence but also empowered me to understand him better and navigate various situations with confidence. Thanks to Andi’s support, I now approach walks with my dog feeling well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to train him effectively.

Because of this Buddy has shown remarkable progress – pulling less, listening better, and is able to relax and enjoy his walks more – ultimately leading to a happier and more content dog . Thank you, Andi, it’s lovely to be able to walk him stress free now !

Danielle Thornton

Basic training

I have had just 4 lessons with Andi for my 18 week old frenchie and shes come on leaps and bounds we have learnt sit, wait, recall, distractions and agility. Andi has made the lessons fun and shown and learnt me how to teach my dog and gave me tips and advice to work on at home. I will be having more lessons soon and can highly recommend Andi for her work. I will also be attending the walks.

Nicola Graham

Would recommend for every dog

My dog had training with Andi; saw change in the first hour, lad manners excellent, started recall skills. Andi provides on site and after care advice in addition to seeing your dogs training on video each session. Blown away at the change in her after one week, would recommend for every dog for basic training! Will be returning to Andi for advanced training once plenty of practice at home!

Katie Nylan

Delinquent Doodle!

Hendrix was a reactive 9 month Golden Doodle. Taking her for walks was almost impossible. At 23kgs, she would just be too much. Not enjoyable for either of us. Andi worked with us to get her lead work under control. The training has also given us the confidence to me more strict with her at home. Which has worked enormously. Overall, Hendrix is a happier dog, enjoying her walks, not constantly being shouted at or dragged away from people and other dogs. I would highly recommend Andi to other dog owners in need of guidance. And the setting is beautiful!

Kara Long

Tyson the German shepherd

I can’t thank Andi enough for what she has done for us she has completely changed our lives we really thought as a family we would have to make the decision to give our pup a new home as he was so overwhelming however Andi managed to help us with him make our dreams come true she is one in a million and I wouldn’t go anywhere else !!!

Michelle pinder

From the first day, Romulus

From the first day, Romulus absolutely loved Andi. Despite feeling car sick from the journey over, he was always excited to see her crossing the road ready to start his lesson.

Andi’s really professional and gives great, clear instructions. I was lucky and got to go along for 3 out of the 5 lessons which really helped me to know what I am doing correctly and tweaking the things I’m not!

Videos of each lesson are posted to YouTube the same day, so you can watch back – its amazing how many things you might not notice in the moment! A great reference to look back on, and the videos of other dogs are really helpful to watch too!

Cannot recommend Andi highly enough – I’ll definitely be taking Romy back for refresher sessions and to do some scent work to get him making the most of his skills and instincts! And just so he can play with his new best mate!

Alicia W

Very helpful

We booked 4 sessions to help with our dog. Andi initially came to the house and gave us really good advice and insight into her behavior. We then had further sessions walking outside with both our dogs and she was able to give us a greater understanding of how the dogs react. We have a much better idea of what to look for in dogs behavior (not just our dogs, but dogs we come across whilst walking) so we can deal with situations before they become a problem. Really good, practical advice, Andi is very knowledgeable. The videos are a really good reference guide. We would recommend her.

Tony Moss

Training for Reactive Yorkie

We had 4 sessions with Andi to help manage our Yorkie better on walks; prior to her sessions, she would bark and pull at anything which came towards us. Now, she is able to walk to heel with a slack lead and does not bark at anything. She still pulls a little bit, but this is getting better every day. She is really enjoying the engagement activities Andi taught us to do with her too.

Jon Symcox

Back to school

I booked in for five consecutive days with my rescue lurcher, Mickey. Andi was great and I very quickly realised why Mickey was behaving in a reactive way. Human error played a large part. Andi discussed every part of the training with me and provided explanations in relation to dog psychology. I quickly achieved my personal goal which was to be able to walk alongside another dog with Mickey and to be relaxed throughout the process. I thoroughly enjoyed my week and would recommend Andi to anyone. I’m so glad I invested in the training course.

Kay McCaffrey

Fantastic training !

We booked our dog Trixie for training. We thought she was reactive with dogs and kids and also had issues with lead manners.

Andi helped us understand that Trixy is defensive rather than reactive. We feel so much more connected to Trixy now and taking her a for a walk is a pleasure. She stopped pulling the lead and is following us wherever we go and even she can jump into a car on her own ! In exchange we protect her so she doesn’t become overwhelmed with dogs in her face.

Andi is fantastic and knowledgeable. We highly recommend her ! We booked in for 4 hours and it was definitely money very well spent !!!

Monika and Mark


I booked a block of 4 lessons with Andi, as my Black Labrador, Arthur, had issues with reactivity.

Four lessons later, I can’t compliment Andi enough. We moved from the slip collar to the prong at the start of the second lesson and the difference was incredible. His attentiveness and overall confidence improved hugely, and the anxious reactivity I’d been so used to seeing disappeared almost instantly.

I have to admit, I was initially quite dubious about switching to the prong collar, but I’m so glad we did. Arthur seems to be much happier during our walks.

Michael Brennan

Puppy training

We contacted Andi after deciding to get a German shepherd puppy . She gave excellent advice over messages and we decided together to do the block of 4 sessions . We collected our pup at 7 weeks old so Andi came to our home for the first visit. Arlo (our pup) was very younge but Andi worked really well with us and him . Gave us lots of advice about raw food or kibble . Treats, toys, walks ,crate training etc etc. All great advice and has come in real handy for all of us to use . Arlo has just finished his 4th lesson and was walking lead free !!!! Andi is great with practical advice and simple things that really help. We will be booking Andi again for his teenage years in a few months time. Andi has helped my daughters confidence while handling arlo and helped there bond grow .

Louise fish

Greyhound X much less reactive!

We used Andi to help with our dog Ozzy’s reactive behaviour on the lead. He was really bad and would be really hard to control swinging on the lead. I would dread every walk with him and cause me a lot of anxiety. We have had a few sessions with Andi and he is a lot calmer. He is still slightly reactive so we have to be on guard but from what he was like, it is leaps and bounds but it is down to us now to continue with what we have learnt. I can now take him out with a lot less fear.

Ozzy had a few other issues too which Andi was always on hand with to help with any questions which was really valuable. He is a much calmer more well behaved dog all round and we will continue to use Andi’s advice and strategies.

Faye Littlewood


Henry needed lots of training unable to walk him out during the day. Henry is very reactive to everything or should I say was. Andi taught us techniques and strategies that work for me as an owner and for Henry. Andi’s training has given us the ability to enjoy walks together without stress and worries. Would recommend to anyone who needs help with their pet.

Julie Henshaw

Puppy training /

Very good trainer booked block of 4 twice and many more to come. Directly training you to train dog which many people don’t do. Keeps you busy and the dog till it’s perfect. Also fixed many problem which was really difficult to fix. My puppy loved her from the moment she met. Overall i would highly recommend her. Andi’s work will speak for it self.

Zakariah & family


Andi is extremely professional and passionate carnt begin to explain how over the moon I am with my two dogs after 3 sessions they are completely different dogs so happy.


7 month old staffy transformation

Look no further
Andi @ k9bootcamo is the best around
She has transformed our staffy Brax, he now listens to commands our walks are now enjoyable
the change in him is unbelievable
We did the 5day course. She is committed to her job
Seriously if u are reading this to check out reviews
this woman is the best in the business

I have passed her name and business on so many times

Thanks for all your help
Amy & Brax

Amy Lowe

Reactivity lesson

I went to k9 boot camp to help sort my German shepards reactivity to other dogs. After 5 minutes of observation from Andi we jumped straight into the lesson. Andi identified the issues straight away and recommended a slip lead. Within minutes my dog was following heel and made minimum attempts to go to other dogs. I did a one hour lesson and the difference was amazing.I would recommend k9 boot camp to anyone having issues. Very friendly. Very knowledgeable and I couldn’t thank her enough.
I will be continuing what I have been taught and know I will see an improvement.
Thanks again!!

Matthew sutcliffe

A less reactive dog!!! Thank you

I completed the 5 day boot camp with Andi this week! My French bulldog Kylo was a nightmare to say the least prior to these sessions. He would pull on the lead and be constantly on the hunt for other dogs. Then on approach to other dogs he would let off the most horrific scream, it was not a nice walking experience at all.
Since completing the bootcamp with Andi I have noticed that Kylo has learnt lead manners and he’s able to pass other dogs with only a small noise, which I now know how to easily correct. Walking him is now a pleasurable experience as opposed to a stressful one.
I cannot thank Andi enough!! Her techniques involve a no nonsense approach, which is certainly what was needed with my dogs. This has not only increased the dogs confidence but mine aswell! Thank you so much, 5 star service

Michelle Scrimshaw


I honestly can’t thank Andi enough. I was stressed and so was my dog. I found the dog walking experience a nightmare. It was causing me problems with my other dog, husband, family and the public. She was aggressive with people and dogs.
I contacted Andi and she put me at ease straight away. I booked 6 sessions. I very quickly found a difference in my dog and myself. Over the 6 sessions. My confidence grew and I was able to handle my dog. Change my way of dealing with situations and be calmer. My dog is now so happy and enjoying her walks. So am I. My husband has noticed the difference in me. We are now enjoying walking our dogs and looking forward to having friends and family to visit. Thanks Andi you are amazing


20 week old Billy Australian labradoodle

I was just starting to think we had took on more than we can chew with taking on a new puppy. I can’t thank Andi enough for her help and expertise in calming our excitable puppy and for laying down the foundations for us to follow in the future . I booked four lessons which covered basic obedience , lead walking and crate training . I would not hesitate in recommending Andi and indeed will call on her again for any recurring issues with Billy’s development. She definitely goes the extra mile in helping to build a positive relationship between pup and owner.

Kathryn hilton

We had 4 lessons with

We had 4 lessons with Andi coming to the house as the main issue was our Rescue dog not allowing visitors to the house. He would bark and behave very aggressively when ever anyone came in who wasn`t a family member.
There was also an issue with feeding and guarding areas of the kitchen where food was prepared.
With Andi`s instruction and consistency in behaviour management from all the family there has been a vast improvement. We are more confident in managing the behaviour and guests can be there without the constant aggressive barking.
Thank you Andi!

Stephanie Clayton

Brilliant Dog Trainer

I contacted Andi to help us manage our dogs behaviours in the home.
We booked four sessions and absolutely learnt loads about how to manage our behaviours towards the dog aswell as correcting her behaviours.
Without Andi’s expertise I think we would still be managing her behaviours in the wrong way.
I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful it was money well spent to help us. And I would highly recommend her to anyone needing support with their dog.
Thanks again Andi

Debbie spencer

Basic training

I contacted Andi after another trainer pretty much said Bo was untrainable and didn’t seem interested.
Bo is a 16 month old rescue German Shepherd.At home and being alone with him he is a good calm boy however walking was a different story. He would lunge pull bark growl even howl when he seen other dogs. I contacted Andi discussed the situation and booked a course of 6 lessons.
The first lesson certainly he was his usual self seeing other dogs Andi taught me some techniques and gave me homework ect. As the lessons went on he was a pleasure to walk with infact sometimes you wouldn’t know he was with while you walked. Obviously there’s still work to be done and occasionally he still has his moments but it has become so much easier to walk him . Can’t thank Andi enough for her instruction and she is always available to answer questions you may have. Would highly recommend Andi for training and we will certainly continue on group walks and so on.

Paul Knight


Well what can I say our 10 month old GSD had serious reactivity issues and pulled like a steam train on his lead . Andi worked miracles even after the first session his lead pulling had almost stoppedfast forward 6x 1hr sessions we have a different boy , walks lovely on his lead with very little correction needed. We can also now walk past most dogs without any reaction and on the odd occasion he does show signs, a quick correction on his lead and he returns calm and walks past .
I would highly recommend Andi to anybody in need of help with there dog/s absolutely fantastic and so knowledgable about everything to do with dog training


I took my dog here for training on her reactivity with other dogs and we did the boot camp and let’s just say the results were amazing , could see a change within the first session I would 100% recommend as I feel like I have a brand new dog and it makes taking her for a walk so much easier and better for me and my dog !


Andi was fantastic with our reactive german shepherd. She was friendly, so knowledgeable and really clear in her training methods, I especially liked how she trained me as the handler in a really constructive way and didn’t make me feel stupid when I got it wrong! Would 100% recommend! Thanks Andi!