Rubber grip double handle lead (for small dogs)

For small/medium dogs, the first handle is approximately 2ft up from the trigger clip, keeping your small/medium dog close to you when needed, and the second handle is set approximately 5-6 foot allowing you to give your dog more freedom whilst still remaining on a lead.

A nice length lead for training, and the rubber grip and double handles means your hands won’t slip through the lead even in wet weather.



When purchasing please note that no product is indestructible. Please always check your dogs accessories for wear and tear. It is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of the product for their pet.

Our products are suitable and are sturdy for everyday use, however we do not recommend them for dogs who are excess pullers. We do not guarantee any protection from our products and owners are responsible for any damage created to the product from misuse, created by your dog or other dogs on walks, or from unsafe storage of products.

K9 boot camp accept no liability for any dogs that may get injured from any of our products. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that the product purchased is within good quality, and adjusted correctly and safely.