So I contacted Andi regarding my springer dotty. She was a wild disobedient girl who I couldn’t let out of the kitchen. She would bite me constantly playfully but it hurt so much. I couldn’t let her in lounge because she would jump all over the kids also play biting. It was impossible to walk her on the lead and she would run up to everyone and wouldn’t listen to recall.. Firstly we worked on walking on the lead after just one hour dotty was great she really loved to learn and listen. Then we continued with that then worked on in the home because that was where my big problems were. Andi was honestly amazing she was so good at teaching myself how to train my dog because I didn’t have a clue! She was very kind and easy to get along with I felt comfortable and new she really new what she was doing.. she keeps in contact and answers any questions I have even after training has finished. My dog no longer bites me she listens to commands she can even come in the front room with my children and remain calm. Fabulous service I would highly recommend. Thank you!!