I cannot speak highly enough of K9 bootcamp and trainer Andi. Andi is an absolute gem – not only is she a walking encyclopedia on dog behavior, but she’s also a breeze to get along with.

I initially contacted Andi because my dog would pull so hard on the lead that he was practically walking on his back legs for most of the walk. Additionally, he would also lie down and fixate on other dogs and would whine if my kids walked ahead of him . Walks were really stressful and I knew my anxiety around other dogs wasn’t helping either . Andi’s guidance has been a game-changer for both my dog and me. Her expertise not only helped my dog gain confidence but also empowered me to understand him better and navigate various situations with confidence. Thanks to Andi’s support, I now approach walks with my dog feeling well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to train him effectively.

Because of this Buddy has shown remarkable progress – pulling less, listening better, and is able to relax and enjoy his walks more – ultimately leading to a happier and more content dog . Thank you, Andi, it’s lovely to be able to walk him stress free now !