From the first day, Romulus absolutely loved Andi. Despite feeling car sick from the journey over, he was always excited to see her crossing the road ready to start his lesson.

Andi’s really professional and gives great, clear instructions. I was lucky and got to go along for 3 out of the 5 lessons which really helped me to know what I am doing correctly and tweaking the things I’m not!

Videos of each lesson are posted to YouTube the same day, so you can watch back – its amazing how many things you might not notice in the moment! A great reference to look back on, and the videos of other dogs are really helpful to watch too!

Cannot recommend Andi highly enough – I’ll definitely be taking Romy back for refresher sessions and to do some scent work to get him making the most of his skills and instincts! And just so he can play with his new best mate!